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Mung bean curry Serves 4 200g dried green mung beans 1 large onion, chopped 1 tomato, chopped ' tsp mustard seeds ' tsp cumin seeds ' tsp chilli powder (optional) 2 bay leaves ' tsp garam masala ' tsp coriander powder 1tsp minced garlic 1tsp grated ginger 300ml vegetable stock 5 sheets of fresh lasagne, Salt to taste 2 tbsp cooking oil Handful fresh coriander, chopped Method Place a lidless pressure cooker over a medium heat and pour in the cooking oil.
RAWALPINDI/ISLAMABAD, December 05, 2010 (Balochistan Times): The lidless and boiling manholes in twin cities of Rawalpindi and Islamabad are posing threats to residents and may also lead to disastrous traffic accident but the authorities concerned seems indifferent.
They've filled the lidless cooler with snow that melts in the station wagon.
On more than one occasion, the townspeople's voices in "Dry September" are described as "hissing" (177, 181), and the story ends as McLendon looks up at the "cold moon and the lidless stars" (183).
the lidless video, snow, without mouth dubbed promises
Visiting dreams vivid as exotic sea creatures--scales intensely iridescent, eyes huge and lidless, gaping mouths lined with rows of sharp triangular teeth or, worse, cold ridges of slimy gums--gobbled him up into a labyrinth of entrails where raged vague conflicts of epic savagery and no clear resolution, desperate voyages over convulsive seas, frantic flight through narrow measureless spaces, as if just beneath the skin of the world a vast, ageless, war contended and once asleep you were inducted into service in this great invisible clash.
And just as he woke in his lidless coffin, Tanya whispered: "It's your worst nightmare, remember.
The final work of the program brought two lidless pianos together near the center of the audience semicircle, with Watson and Ness seated backs to most of the crowd.
Owens Lake, once a hundred square miles in size, lay in the 1890s "like a vast lidless eye" in the desert basin.
In 1947, coming back from six years in the Army, I opened a 'French' restaurant in Soho and invented an atmosphere-machine to attract clientele: a sort of lidless samovar beneath which well-worn socks smouldered over simmering Gaulloise cigarettes fed by splashes of Pernod' the record player had Edith Piaf on the repeat button.
For this experiment, specimens in a lidless polycarbonate container were placed in a custom built outdoor environmental chamber that was tilted at 5[degrees] from the horizontal plane and faced south (Figure 3).
This box is without wheels and is lidless, (yes, there is such a word), meaning it has to be lifted.