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Sardar Ali, an elderly man said that his eyesight was weak and the civi body and the civicbody should bother to put signboard near to the lidless manholes situated in the middle of the roads and streets with foul smelling sewage testing the nerves of the passer-bys.
Moreover, the lidless eye cannot determine what, how, or even whether it sees.
She also said that as a result of the lidless bins there are lots of insects and flies around the cars which have led her to change her parking spot to a location further away.
A blue corm with three lidless eyes was staring at him, his face now masked with twigs.
Miller grinds his chum in a 5-gallon bucket with a hole cut into the lid for Chum Paddle access because lidless grinding means wearing a few chum bits.
Directly in front of the shanties was a collection of materials that formed a sitting area: two chairs, one couch, and two mattresses (one on top of the other) were arranged around a lidless, upside down seaman's trunk that acted as a table.
Each cell has a single bed and desk with a shower and toilet - in reality a stone shelf with a mattress, a worktop and a wet room with a lidless loo.
The false teeth and lidless eyes of old Korchagin, his red face and smacking lips, stick out to Nekhliudov.
Lidless hence unblinking, one might also think them loyal, unflinching.
Local band We Have Guns will release a new album Saturday at the WOW Hall, with support from I Am Ruin, Lidless Eye, Hero Explains the Ghost and Gusher.
Lollipop Flower Shadow Box Materials: Clean, lidless pizza box, cardboard box lid, tray, or shadow box frame Magazines or papers/cardstocks, favorite quotes (optional) Acrylic paints Ink/stamp pads (or more paints) Buttons--assorted sizes and styles Craft wire (around 24 gauge) Toilet paper or paper towel rolls Spare cardboard White glue or decoupage medium Tacky glue or low temp.