lie against

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There can be no objection, therefore, on this account, to the federal judicature which will not lie against the local judicatures in general, and which will not serve to condemn every constitution that attempts to set bounds to legislative discretion.
She thought of another woman, whose dress never was too fine for little wet cheeks to lie against, or loving little arms to press; whose face, in spite of many lines and the gray hairs above it, was never sour or unsympathetic when children's eyes turned towards it; and whose hands never were too busy, too full or too nice to welcome and serve the little sons and daughters who freely brought their small hopes and fears, sins and sorrows, to her, who dealt out justice and mercy with such wise love.
I will not lie against the old man as he did all he could to resolve the matter.
No amount of lies, or no matter how many self-confessed drug lords and convicted felons or any other so-called witnesses my persecutors may persuade or threated to lie against me, it will not change the fact that I'm innocent,' she added.
I lie against the far wall, propped up by a beanbag, and stare out the window.
From my experience growing up in my country, only a fraction will wish to slander and lie against me.
The petition stated the two officers were "duty bound to initiate legal proceedings under Pakistan Army Act, 1952 against any person who violates the discipline of the Pakistan Army and this Court may ask them if any such proceedings lie against any person in relation to his involvement in the Lal Masjid Operation.
The BJP is spreading lie against us, we should counter their lie with unity, by talking in one voice," she said.
On page one, the reader is introduced to another full-blown characteraa self-proclaimed adognappera wooed by the animal enough to break in to his ex-wifeas home to lie against the small furry bodyaand on his ex-wifeas bed, no less.
See how they lie against their own souls, what they concoct has led them astray" 6:24 The Quraan.
Solicitor Brian Murphy said: "Clearly if the news had been bad, a very straightforward case for compensation would lie against the hospital or the HSE.
stands primarily for the proposition that an independent spoliation cause of action will not lie against a first party defendant.