lie beside

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It made me think of the summer nights long ago, when I used to lie beside my mother in the green pleasant meadow at Farmer Grey's.
"And it's a fine bride old Barry'll have to come and lie beside him." She closed the lid and sighed.
At the hospital in Falluja, Tahseen, his younger brother Hussein, and Abd Rashid Muhammed lie beside each other on three low beds in a room filled with flies.
A squashed packet of cigarettes and a half-eaten bread roll lie beside them.
The floral tributes lie beside a child's toy and a small wooden cross bearing Jasmine's name.
"Most people like to lie on the beds to test them, and some of the ladies ask me to lie beside them."
"Towards the end, I would lie beside the river with rain pouring down on me and I'd hear voices.
And they knew the best way to restore frozen Segolene Alvarez's body heat was to lie beside her.
Bouquets of flowers lie beside the former family home where Dolores and McCrea lived for 15 years.
Several dozen abandoned Iraqi tanks lie beside bushes and palm trees.
Over the weekend, grave-diggers carefully prepared the ground where Steven will lie beside a memorial to parents Tom, 44, and Kathleen, 41, and the graves of sister Joanne, 10, and brother David, 23.
Miss Scott said she was forced to tell her attacker she loved him and lie beside him all night, fearing he would hurt her again.