lie beside

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It made me think of the summer nights long ago, when I used to lie beside my mother in the green pleasant meadow at Farmer Grey's.
And it's a fine bride old Barry'll have to come and lie beside him.
After he had eaten he would lie down on his bed of straw, and Dorothy would lie beside him and put her head on his soft, shaggy mane, while they talked of their troubles and tried to plan some way to escape.
So he commanded Tip to take off Jack's head and lie down with it in the bottom of the nest, and when this was done he ordered the Woggle-Bug to lie beside Tip.
Well, there's room; I'n got my bed laid i' th' little room o'er the back kitchen, an' ye can lie beside me.
He's frightened of our cat and chickens, although he does allow Doris the cat to lie beside him if he's too tired to escape her attention.
The appeal's targets include providing an 'open' MRI scanner, which will be the first of its kind in the UK, allowing a parent to lie beside their child during the daunting procedure, a hydrotherapy pool, and replacement of equipment in the critical-care unit.
Nearly 12-15 acres of land lie beside the dam here.
As a woman, I cannot understand how Ms Smith can lie beside this sick pervert in bed at night.
I like to lie beside your fire, I like to share your food.
In the kingdom of death," wrote Israeli peace activist Nurit Peled-Elhanan, whose thirteen-year-old daughter was killed in a suicide attack by a Palestinian youth, "Israeli children lie beside Palestinian children, soldiers of the occupying army beside suicide bombers, and no one remembers who was David and who was Goliath.
The youngster had been sleeping in a bed at Aitken's home in Clackmannan, Clacks, when she stripped off and got under the covers to lie beside him.