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A COUPLE who shocked Britain by claiming they were too fat to work are batling to save their marriage after lie detector tests on TV's Jeremy Kyle Show said BOTH of them had cheated.
Chandra told the court: " I voluntarily give my consent for lie detector test to establish my innocence.
Employers know that the truth is usually mitigated by common sense, which is why they might see lie detector tests as useful.
Puzzled as to why he failed, Roche began to investigate the history and validity of lie detector technology.
US-STYLE lie detectors could soon be used to root out traitors from MI5, it emerged today.
withheld information regarding Ames' worrisome encounters with a lie detector.
A MEMBER of the suspended Wallasey Labour party has challenged his MP to take a lie detector test over claims of threats and homophobic abuse.
I am hooked up to a lie detector, a device now used by TV inquisitors like Jeremy Kyle to expose the whoppers told by lowrent love rats.
Fisher discovered how people would honestly respond to questions about sexuality and other gender-role behaviors by asking some study participants questions when they thought they were hooked up to a lie detector machine.
ZEE group chairman Subhash Chandra on Wednesday agreed to undergo a lie detector test in connection with the alleged ` 100 crore extortion bid case filed by Congress MP Naveen Jindal's firm.
CRICKETERS may be forced to take lie detector tests under the latest plan to rid the game of corruption.
Despite all that she is convinced I am seeing someone else and now she wants me to take a lie detector test to prove I'm not.