lie hidden

See: lurk
References in classic literature ?
So let the unjust make his unjust attempts in the right way, and lie hidden if he means to be great in his injustice (he who is found out is nobody): for the highest reach of injustice is: to be deemed just when you are not.
Within the songs and stories that Gwin knows lie hidden truths that can help restore their world.
It succeeds in many areas - incredibly detailed graphics, beautiful lighting and a gritty, bustling, believable city where a host of stories lie hidden within the personal data of its inhabitants.
It succeeds in many areas - detailed graphics, beautiful lighting and a gritty, bustling city where a host of stories lie hidden within the personal data of its inhabitants, all available to you via your special tech-hacking powers.
Brandon Bryant, a former US Predator operator said that there is a lie hidden within that truth and the lie is that it's always been the air force that has flown those missions.
The work will include improvements to public spaces as well as the restoration of some of the area's original Victorian shop fronts - many of which lie hidden behind more modern facades.
HIDDEN WATER TRACED BY BOMB FALLOUT IN RAIN--Radioactive fallout from atom bomb tests can be used to seek out and "expose" new sources of drinking water that lie hidden deep in the earth.
Moira Anderson's sisters Janet Hart and Marjorie Muir believe the remains of the 11-year-old lie hidden in a graveyard in Lanarkshire.
In his excellent essay on the North America and Pelican nebulae (October issue, page 26), Sean Walker writes that the stars thought to excite the nebula's fluorescence lie hidden behind a thick cloud of dust, LDN 935, and that they are visible only to infrared cameras.
The local authority had removed part of the earth at one end, so that their speed-trap vehicle could lie hidden behind it.
There are questions relating to gender and development, they say, that lie hidden behind the conventional hegemonic notions of mining as large-scale and masculine.
Guided by Polaris, he eventually manages to hop a train and lie hidden in the wood of a log-carrying freight car.