lie near

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Few geologists now doubt that those erratic boulders which lie near lofty mountains have been pushed forward by the glaciers themselves, and that those distant from mountains, and embedded in subaqueous deposits, have been conveyed thither either on icebergs or frozen in coast-ice.
He had taken it to the cottage wrapped in his jacket and he had let it lie near the fire and had fed it with warm milk.
The Costa will lie near the entrance to the site, while the Aldi will sit to the west.
The gulf of Patras is thought to hold some 200 million barrels of crude oil, while another 50-80 million barrels are believed to lie near Ioannina and another three million barrels near Katakolo.
The RfD based on this approach would lie near the value of 0.
The majority of volcanoes lie near an edge of one of Earth's tectonic plates, but Kilauea sits far out in the North Pacific, more than 3,000 kilometers from the nearest plate boundary.
The mountains lie near which line of longitude on the map?
Both South Australian coalfields lie near the centre of the state, near the mining town of Coober Pedy.
We're also concerned that the mine will displace wildlife, like grizzly bears, bighorn sheep, and elk, whose habitats lie near the mine site," says Ekey of the Greater Yellowstone Coalition.
But what one really comes to Saint-Louis for is the bird sanctuaries at Djoudi National Park and La Langue de Barbarie, which lie near the river.