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LIEUTENANT. This word has now a narrower meaning than it formerly had; its true meaning is a deputy, a substitute, from the French lieu, (place or post) and tenant (holder). Among civil officers we have lieutenant governors, who in certain cases perform the duties of governors; (vide, the names of the several states,) lieutenants of police, &c. Among military men, lieutenant general was formerly the title of a commanding general, but now it signifies the degree above major general. Lieutenant colonel, is the officer between the colonel and the major. Lieutenant simply signifies the officer next below a captain. In the navy, a lieutenant is the second officer next in command to the captain of a ship.

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To apply for tickets write to West Midlands Lieutenancy, The Coach House, Wood Lane, Barston, West Midlands B92 OJL, or email wmlty@btconnect.
By exerting himself to procure William his lieutenancy, he plans to secure Fanny's devotion to himself, and he almost succeeds.
He also advised Chalmers that the most he could expect would be a Lieutenancy and "I think it would be unwise on your part to cut loose from the North-West where you have built up a business and a reputation.
242) After many years of loyal lieutenancy, however, Gage abandoned the mainstream movement because she thought it inadequately attuned to the dangers of the male--dominated church.
47) Only six weeks into his lieutenancy of the Tower, and ignorant of these details, Peyton blames Gerard's jailor, one Edward Bonner, for the escape, assuming that he must have been complicit.
Some officers, he said, were selling ranks to their friends, starting at $500 for a lieutenancy, charging recruits $100 apiece to enlist, and taking bribes from captured insurgent suspects - "who always have lots of money" - to let them go.
In addition, Muntons were honoured by the presence of Mr George Paul DL, Deputy Lord Lieutenant, Mr Ray Melvin, Vice Chairman of Mid Suffolk District Council, Mrs Lesley Mayes, Deputy Mayor of Stowmarket Town Council and Mr Michael More, the Clerk of Lieutenancy.
For an overview of various Puritan attitudes towards Ireland, see John Adamson, "Strafford's Ghost: The British Context of Viscount Lisle's Lieutenancy of Ireland," in Ohlmeyer, ed.
The Palazzo is the headquarters of the Equestrian Order of the Holy Sepulchre of Jerusalem, of which the Cardinal is Grand Prior of the Lieutenancy of New South Wales and was previously Grand Prior of the Lieutenancy of Victoria.
In November 1832 Robert Dale purchased a vacated lieutenancy.