life span

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The study published online in eLife -- a new peer-reviewed, open access journal -- defined average life span as the point at which half the members of a given test group remained alive.
Veterinary doctor Agneta Egenvall, said the survey calculations of life span and sickness were largely based on information from animal insurance companies who provide cover to half of the 800,000 pet dogs in Sweden.
The report also showed that Japanese men's average life span was 79.
A chemical variation of a "fuel-gauge" enzyme that senses energy in yeast acts like a life span clock: It is present in young organisms and progressively diminished as yeast cells age.
This may explain why calorie restriction increases life span, because SIR2 slows down gene activity when a cell is being starved.
This link between pain sensation, metabolism and life span is exciting because the same connection may occur in other animals, says molecular physiologist Rochelle Buffenstein of the University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio.
elegans, growth media containing a low concentration of curcumin increased mean (average) life span by 39% and maximum life span by 21.
Washington, October 17 ( ANI ): UT Southwestern Medical Center researchers have found that a starvation hormone markedly extends life span in mice without the need for calorie restriction.