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We used a life table approach (Miller and Hurley 2003) to estimate national-level impacts on the number of years of life expected to remain at each age, and on life expectancy at birth, from 1980 to 2050.
Life table analysis for Podisus maculiventris immatures and female adults under four constant temperatures.
The entries in the shaded area are calculated by using probabilities from the Actuarial Life Table (2013) at the Social Security Administration website shown on Table 4.
To generate a model that could conservatively estimate the size of female progeny in Fort Worth, Texas, Suman and co-authors' (2011) values of population life table characteristics were chosen as the experimental conditions and values most suitable for our study.
Concepts such as complementary events and conditional probability become easy to understand when presented in the context of a life table.
Approximations for estimating change in life expectancy attributable to air pollution in relation to multiple causes of death using a cause modified life table.
Keywords: Coccinella septempunctata, Mustard aphid, Life table.
Abstract The impact of temperature on biological and life table parameters of Cryptoleamus montrouzieri Mulsant (Coleoptera: Coccinellidae) fed on cotton mealy bug were evaluated at three different temperatures i.
With respect to life expectancy, as stated above, Fox-Rushby and Hanson (2001) base their estimation on the United Nations Model Life Table Chilean Pattern for females published in 1982.
The mealybug nymphs were examined on a daily basis; information on molting time was recorded and data on mortality and oviposition were used to construct a fertility life table.