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lauro Restiffe, are able to present this reductive disciplinary and temporal separation--between art and architecture, vitality and lifelessness, present and past--in stark and powerful terms while recognizing that one position can't exist without the other.
By the second gallery, I developed a lingering concern--irrational, I hope--that so much abject lifelessness and superficiality might possibly be addictive, like cocaine, or Diet Coke.
At the end of the poem, it is explicit that the speaker is himself still subjected by "that winter day"--and by the scenario of leave-taking and lifelessness.
When we first started doing it, comedy in Worcester was like going to the Natural History Museum," quips Connolly, referring to the scene's former lifelessness.
The film does contain some quite eerie and dark scenes that capture the building's current state of lifelessness but it is well worth checking out on YouTube and other media.
In most definitions, therefore, barrenness, lifelessness, and destituteness are common attributes of such spaces.
Immutability, the body as "mask," lifelessness, the extinction of motherhood: all are complementary parts of a single system.
Samantray continued consolidating with skipper Behera, at a very slow pace, and such was the lifelessness of the track that skipper Shikhar Dhawan finally brought himself on to bowl his part- time off- spinners.
He said: "We are living in difficult times and a lot of the contemporary art going out there reflects darkness, lifelessness and despair in our society.
L'Oreal Elvive debuted its new Arginine Resist X3 range, a shampoo, conditioner and mask designed for hair experiencing dullness or lifelessness.
In Regnault's portrayal of Mme Mazois her head is propped high to allow viewing by mourners, though the effect is also to negate the lifelessness of the body, so that it hardly differs from an intimate sleeping portrait (Fig.