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The more earnestly it applied its lips to the pipe, the more distinctly was its human likeness stamped among visible realities, the more sagacious grew its expression, the more lifelike its gestures and movements, and the more intelligibly audible its voice.
When a moment later he recognized Tarzan it was with difficulty that they could convince him that his sorrow had not unbalanced his mind, for with the other members of the party he had been so thoroughly convinced that the ape-man was dead it was a problem to reconcile the conviction with the very lifelike appearance of Jane's "forest god.
Against this tendency, on the other hand, the persistent instinct for realism provided a partial antidote; the Vices are often very lifelike rascals, abstract only in name.
There was a more or less lifelike illustration of Bolgani in colors and in a cage, with many remarkable looking Tarmangani standing against a rail and peering curiously at the snarling brute.
We entertain ourselves with wonderful forms of men, of women, of animals, of gardens, of woods and of monsters, and the mystic pencil wherewith we then draw has no awkwardness or inexperience, no meagreness or poverty; it can design well and group well; its composition is full of art, its colors are well laid on and the whole canvas which it paints is lifelike and apt to touch us with terror, with tenderness, with desire and with grief.
The system, available through Gulden Ophthalmics, is comprised of the Jarstad-Stone lifelike simulation teaching head, two acrylic cylinders that hold the Jarstad eye module or animal eyes, blue plastic cellophane sheeting that simulates the capsule, kaolin clay that simulates the mature cataract, and an instructional video DVD.
Year 10 students from North Shore Health Academy in Stockton have been working to create paintings and lifelike models of insects, trees and plants which are found in the rainforest.
ICAME across the world of Reborns recently and I don't want to be judgemental but I wonder if the good side of this phenomena of these lifelike dolls is outweighed by the dark side.
In addition, CATIA V6 enables collaborative virtual design, including shape design, mechanical and equipment engineering, as well as systems engineering integrating requirement, functional, logical and physical product definitions, while SIMULIA V6 provides industry communities with a collaborative environment for performing lifelike simulation and virtual product behavior testing.
I was struck by this kind of emotion when I looked at a newspaper's photographs of lifelike dolls, made to comfort women who have lost a child.
The BookReader ensures accurate scan results, rotates disoriented text to generate a clear message, and provides lifelike voices.
There is a portrait of the president made of lapis lazuli with diamond eyes that give out a lifelike sparkle.