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The more earnestly it applied its lips to the pipe, the more distinctly was its human likeness stamped among visible realities, the more sagacious grew its expression, the more lifelike its gestures and movements, and the more intelligibly audible its voice.
We entertain ourselves with wonderful forms of men, of women, of animals, of gardens, of woods and of monsters, and the mystic pencil wherewith we then draw has no awkwardness or inexperience, no meagreness or poverty; it can design well and group well; its composition is full of art, its colors are well laid on and the whole canvas which it paints is lifelike and apt to touch us with terror, with tenderness, with desire and with grief.
Jo must have fallen asleep (as I dare say my reader has during this little homily), for suddenly Laurie's ghost seemed to stand before her, a substantial, lifelike ghost, leaning over her with the very look he used to wear when he felt a good deal and didn't like to show it.
A whirlwind had apparently collected its force in our vicinity; for there were frequent and violent alterations in the direction of the wind; and the exceeding density of the clouds (which hung so low as to press upon the turrets of the house) did not prevent our perceiving the lifelike velocity with which they flew careering from all points against each other, without passing away into the distance.
For, though it walked, and made other lifelike motions, there yet was a kind of jerk in its gait, which, together with its brazen aspect, caused the young prince to suspect that it was no true giant, but only a wonderful piece of machinery.
Yunlin County sculptor, Tang Wen-jenhas captured the hearts of locals with his lifelike canine busts made from newspaper.
Using a 3-D printer, researchers at the University of Minnesota created lifelike artificial organ models that mimic the exact anatomical structure, mechanical properties and look and feel of real organs.
Or, choose Aware mode and let some of it in--all while keeping your headphones on and your music alive with lifelike Bose sound.
Year 10 students from North Shore Health Academy in Stockton have been working to create paintings and lifelike models of insects, trees and plants which are found in the rainforest.
ICAME across the world of Reborns recently and I don't want to be judgemental but I wonder if the good side of this phenomena of these lifelike dolls is outweighed by the dark side.
As part of the summit, Dassault Systemes will throw the house open for showcasing customer case studies, exclusive testimonials from its global partners and industry business leaders who will share their thoughts on achieving lifelike experience in their respective areas of operations.
0 platform as part of its Lifelike Experience strategy.