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Unlike quantitative inquiries, qualitative approaches are thus not focused on statistical likelihood but on lifelikeness, or verisimilitude, that allows for a deepened understanding of a given phenomenon.
9) The oral storytelling features of the novel are so pronounced that, at times, the parallels with the folk-tale seem obvious: its continual repetitions at all sorts at different levels, the lack of motivation in the plot, the contradictions, the information gaps, the break-neck pace of the different episodes, the psychological superficiality of its characters (divided into good and bad) who appear in droves and are all given names--however fleeting their appearance--in a kind of horror vacui which aims at both realism and lifelikeness, all help to distinguish the novel and to give Xenophon the appeal of the "conteur populaire", as Dalmeyda remarked in his edition of 1926.
This lifelikeness was, of course, often enhanced by polychromy.
He pointed to the winged sculpture that had fooled me with its lifelikeness and said, "This idea came from learning that red-tailed hawks hunt in pairs, one of them often being a youngster.
A new proprietary lip-synching technology called LooseLips from Presage Software Development further contributed to the lifelikeness of the characters by matching the digitized recordings of their dialogue to their mouth movements and automatically creating, by computer, the output animation art that matched the dialogue.
Through its lifelikeness, the sculpture not only affirms that the relic is truly a piece of the saint's head but also complements the missing parts of Rossore's body.
Through its three-dimensional lifelikeness and subtle emotional and spiritual resonance, 'old-fashioned' sculpture can still amaze and inspire.