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Nonprofits like Lifeworks struggle to find jobs for this often-overlooked group.
LifeWork Enterprise's logo is the Monarch butterfly.
Provide optional coursework for employees interested in spiritual development, personal empowerment, and lifework planning.
Du Bois said, "The future woman must have lifework and economic independence.
Smith observes, however, that a beetle's primary lifework is chewing, and "they're very loud.
Removal of those odds through resources available to him in vocational rehabilitation programs was his lifework and mission.
Somewhat uncomfortably designated as part of the Catholic left, the sheer consistency, scope, and integrated radicalism of the Berrigan brothers' lifework is an extraordinary challenge to more orthodox secular radicals.
So while praising Friedman as cheerful, energetic, and widely liked, he proceeds to brush off the professor's lifework on monetary theory as obsolete and discredited.
He never became closely involved with the literary world of Rome, however, and his lifework was the composition of his history.
The collection will also contain poets' biographical information and selected criticisms of poets' lifework and critiques of individual poems.
Maiorino's is a wide-ranging speculative - often ruminative - assesment of Leonardo's lifework and of the implications of his work and image.
He began as a Unitarian minister, went on to become a distinguished professor of Greek at Harvard, edited the <IR> NORTH AMERICAN REVIEW </IR> (1820-23), and finally began what was to be his true lifework by running for Congress, where he served for ten years (1825-35).