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"People with disabilities are a viable consideration as employees to meet a business need," said Tony Saputo, vice president of advancement for Lifeworks, based in Eagan, Minn.
Merriam made it his lifework to classify 86 separate subspecies of grizzlies, "a classic example of taxonomic over-splitting," the author writes.
Designing Your Life, by Connie Komack, Book, 2006, Lifework Enterprises, $75.
Her experience of the horrors of prison opened up a new lifework for her, caring for prisoners and their abandoned children.
As stated in the forward: "The goals were to catalogue and publish his entire lifework in a manner that was guided by the highest standards of scholarship and to make the results of research available to the public in a manner that provided the greatest benefit to a wide array of users."
The German artist's lifework is the Haus u r (ur-house), 1985-, an outwardly unassuming building in his hometown of Rheydt.
* "Preparing minority students for the rigors and rewards of a career in journalism has been Rose Richard's lifework. She trained us to be resourceful, making sure our journalistic arsenal would be ready at all times.
By focusing on the intellectual and moral continuities in Coleridge's lifework Cain reminds us to the contrary that conservatism is an idealism of its own.
It surveys the author's lifework to date and supplies a background for the horrible "short twentieth century" of Mittel Europa's history.
Carcinogenesis Bioassays and Protecting Public Health: Commemorating the Lifework of Cesare Maltoni.
This paper describes a workshop that involves a holistic model for career and lifework planning and a training resource for increasing competency using the Internet for career related job search activity.
Her lifework is celebrated in a new book, aptly titled Courage.