lift controls

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This patent covers 19 different elements that relate to computerized lift controls, lift data display, and networking lifts together.
June 28, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- SPOC Automation, the largest independent artificial lift controls manufacturer in North America, is proud to introduce the oil and gas industry's most comprehensive, logic-controlled injection pump control package: the HPS Series Drive.
These devices are designed to help automotive suppliers incorporate power and control functions into systems such as seat, mirror and window lift controls, door locks and other automotive electronics.
A third hydraulic lift controls the seat position and angle from 90 to 180 degrees.
Workplace and safety systems range from fire detection and suppression systems to lift controls and air conditioning.
BANGKOK - The Thai government said Tuesday it will lift controls on foreign investment in stocks after share prices plummeted almost 15 percent in the day's trading.
But progress is slow due to the road conditions - and the freezing conditions are causing bin lift controls to freeze.
You also have the power to communicate with, and based on security access, even make changes to your artificial lift controls.
The acquisition continues to build on the SPOC's global footprint strategy to deliver their variable frequency drive products, cloud based SCADA and automation solutions in the artificial lift controls space of the oil and gas industry.
The bank said that it could lift controls if it makes sufficient progress following the adoption of an international bailout programme.
Authorities said the plan was to first lift controls on transactions within the Republic and then abolish restrictions on cross border movement of capital.