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To raise; to take up.

To lift a promissory note (a written commitment to pay a sum of money on a certain date) is to terminate the obligation by paying its amount.

To lift the bar of the Statute of Limitations is to remove, by some sufficient act or Acknowledgment, the obstruction that it interposes. For example, some states will not permit an action to be instituted on a debt owed after ten years from the date of the debt. This is a ten-year statute of limitations. If the debtor acknowledges in writing that he or she owes the debt and will pay it on a certain date, this conduct lifts the bar of the statute of limitations so that the debtor can be sued on the debt for another ten years.

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"And that (manufacturing liftable van roofs) became Turtle Top," says Cripe.
"The Mack Pinnacle 6x2 with liftable pusher axle model really helps those customers in bulk haul applications save on fuel because sensors lift or lower the axle to decrease or increase traction, providing better performance and ride," said Roy Horton, Mack director of product strategy.
The Tribune, one of 50 sites under the conservative umbrella of Liftable Media, has since corrected ( the article and issued its own apology.
Invertibility within the monad of a point and liftable homomorphisms are related:
The orders now received include approximately 6,500 tonnes of liftable car decks for four vessels that will be built in the Korean Hyundai Heavy Industries shipyard, as well as design and key component for eight PCTCs built at Chinese Xiamen Shipbuilding Industry.
I recommed the Davenport toy chest which comes with either a pink or blue gingham check seat pad and has a liftable seat for valuable storage.
The boot may look small at first glance, but there is an extra compartment, found underneath a liftable board, which is particularly good for separating dirty or wet clothes and shoes.
The machines are equipped with a full width (liftable) cabin with dual control systems, track leveling system, slewable undercarriage and different types of conveyor systems.
Significantly, the GASB views both perspectives as peers, stating that "neither perspective is intended to stand on its own" and that "both perspectives are required and neither is considered to be a fair presentation in a 'liftable' form."
announced a partnership with Volvo Trucks North America, centered on a special liftable pusher axle for 6x2 Volvo VNM (page 36 and Mack Pinnacle (page 47) highway tractors, both suited to cement tankers.
Despite the fact that we'd joined the train at 2am and created an almighty racket by getting the liftable bottom bunk stuck in the air and then having unstoppable giggles, our cabin-mates did not hold this against us.