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To raise; to take up.

To lift a promissory note (a written commitment to pay a sum of money on a certain date) is to terminate the obligation by paying its amount.

To lift the bar of the Statute of Limitations is to remove, by some sufficient act or Acknowledgment, the obstruction that it interposes. For example, some states will not permit an action to be instituted on a debt owed after ten years from the date of the debt. This is a ten-year statute of limitations. If the debtor acknowledges in writing that he or she owes the debt and will pay it on a certain date, this conduct lifts the bar of the statute of limitations so that the debtor can be sued on the debt for another ten years.

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He said one car lifter was overpowered and arrested while two of his members of the gang managed to flee taking advantage of the dark.
He said that SP (Industrial-Area) Mohammad Aamir Khan Naizi constituted special team under supervision of SHO Sabzi Mandi Sub-Inspector Tariq Rauf for vigilance against car lifters.
Carolyn received a gift of lid lifters from a friend after a visit to Italy.
Finally, you could retrieve the remainder of the spring from the lifter, have it tack-welded back on to the spring, grind and polish the weld true smooth, then reinstall the spring with its retaining pin to the lifter.
On the body weight/ weight lifted formula (wilks) used in powerlifting Owen was the top overall lifter across all the weight categories - making him the top junior lifter in Europe.
With this in mind, the Portable Toilet Seat Lifter has been conceived.
Toyota Material Handling UK said:: "We are aware that the initial investment in a BT Lifter hand pallet truck is slightly higher than other makes available on the market but, due to the quality of the components and Toyota Production System build process the products life is increased by up to five times.
Barbara (Leslie) Lifter, 85, passed away October 12, 2011 in Millbury Healthcare Center.
The 21-stone lifter was born in Cardiff to an Amercian mother and Iranian father.
Anver Corp., headquartered in Hudson, Mass., has developed an ergonomic vacuum lifter that enables a person to pick up contoured products from the top and insert them into an assembly line or packaging equipment and boxes, the company said.
In a nutshell, TCM has no means of providing replacement parts for a few months, at least, although it shipped some emergency overhauled lifter bodies obtained from Aircraft Specialties Services, Inc., in Tulsa.
Shailaja Pujari, a women s 75kg gold medallist at the 2002 Commonwealth Games, and men s 56kg lifter Vicky Batta were caught in out-of-competition tests last month, Indian Weightlifting Federation secretary Balraj Gulati told Reuters.