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There was also a deep grooved mark on the neck caused by a ligature.
p=58217) The Metal Den  insists that in Cornell's case, the blood stains proved a "very ominous fact, the signs of homicidal ligature strangulation are now totally irrefutable.
Hanging is defined as a violent form of asphyxia where a person is suspended by a ligature around his neck and the constricting force being the weight of the body.
Inspectors are concerned about a "substantial number" of potential ligature points which could be used for self-harm or suicide attempts.
The ligature marks on Jiah's neck, the state forensic experts said, " may be caused due to slippage of ligature material [ dupatta] slightly downwards or the ligature knot present at that site".
It has also emerged that Glasgow's PS842million super-hospital was built with ligature points despite health and safety concerns - and that warnings from board members about the risks to suicidal patients have been ignored.
The provisional cause of death was given as ligature pressure to the neck.
Sometimes, the ligature mark in hanging is not very typical as described in text books, which create confusion.
The pre-tied ligature systems, also known as endoscopic slipknots or "endoloops", are composed of a slipknot and a laparoscopic tool used to guide and tighten the knot, which is known as knot pusher (KATSINELOS et al.
USPRwire, Fri Sep 11 2015] Orthodontic Supplies Market by Removable & Fixed Braces (Brackets (Self Ligating, Lingual), Archwire (Nickel & Beta Titanium, Stainless Steel), Anchorage Appliances (Buccal Tube, Band, Miniscrew), & Ligature (Elastomeric, Wire)) - Global Forecast to 2020
All that is necessary is for the patient to leave their body in a position that tension will be maintained on the ligature after the loss of consciousness.
Sunday's find was the fourth this month in the Cubao area, where three other bodies with several stab wounds and ligature marks have previously turned up crammed in garbage bags.