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By modulating the intensity of the light emitted by each of the three component colors along the time axis, ID data can be embedded in the light cast onto an object, even with very small variations.
But as he turned away, the light cast a silhouette on the wall.
Whether the team and its members are a ray of hope or simply the light cast by dying embers cannot be known.
Starfrit's Light Cast Iron Pan is made in a metal mold, not a sand mold, creating a pan that has lost 50 percent of the weight, but none of the features of cast iron.
But as the sun came round, the light cast shadows across an area usually shielded from the light by the colours of the stained glass and the carved, wooden all-seeing eye was highlighted.
Depth and current strength will determine the appropriate jig size, as some scenarios require a straight drop, while a light cast and a subtle drift may work better for fish closer to the surface.
Winnipeg-based lighting designer Bill Williams' subtle artistry included a pool of light cast on stage in Act IV to suggest a final and fateful bullring for the doomed lovers.
back when you moved out to wash in the white light cast between the
The light cast across these eyelashes formed these long, undulating lines.
A single white spotlight hung from a revolving bracket above and slowly circled the tree, continually changing the patterns of light cast across the stage and the dancers' bodies, like a 21st century mirror ball.
The light cast by the ice cream cone bulbs is stark white compared to a softer off-white glow you get from the old Thomas Edison bulbs.
Two RNLI volunteers used the light cast by the helicopter to locate the youth and lift him safely into Liebherr Crane's yard where paramedics were waiting to treat him.