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Real light cast onto the mirror refracts back onto the fabric and mirrored surfaces.
As you move through it you are continually made aware of light and surface, entertained by inventive details - the patterns of light cast by the perforated rear wall of the guest room, the seeming fragility of glass basins set on stone, the tiny clear squares set into translucent glass, each one representing a family member's height.
But a quite different picture emerges when one peeks outside the small cone of light cast by the trade press.
I would single out the vignette on the perspectives of the infallibilists vis-a-vis Dupanloup (251-56), or the light cast on the French bishops' responses by the social history of Christianization and de-Christianization (268).
For Richardson, film noir derives its realism from a sense of pessimism, a light cast on the dark background created by the Depression: "It is traumatic for an individual to lose a set of beliefs.
I am left with the feeling, though, that there is more to be learned about Chaucer from viewing him through the eyes of contemporaries and heirs; and that there may be much to be said about other poets that is best discerned when the light cast on them does not throw up the shadow of Chaucer.
Echoing--you guessed it--the Court in Sullivan, the magazine suggested that putting "journalists on the defensive in a courtroom [might result in a] dimmer light cast on critical issues.
These include an energy savings of up to 50%, long LED life, mercury-free construction, and better color rendering that can help improve safety and security by reproducing truer color and sharper detail - particularly when compared to the yellow light cast by sodium lamps.
Tenders are invited for Garden Light Cast Iron Body And Accrylic Glass Round, Suitable For 2 Pipe Size, Make- Diamond Or Similar
Dear Dzhokhar, you failed, because light cast out the darkness.
It seems likely, though, that he had in mind the light cast between sky and land, between rain puddles and cloud wisps -- rather than a bedroom-mirror-meets-remote-desolation commentary.