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To our knowledge, such a pattern of UPE from a patient with light chain disease has not been reported.
We investigated 5 cases of light chain disease (4[lambda] and 1[kappa]), 2 of IgA (1 IgA[kappa] and 1 IgA [lambda]), 23 of IgG (14 IgG[kappa] and 9 IgG [lambda]), and 4 of IgM (2 IgM[kappa] and 2 IgM[lambda]) monoclonal paraproteins.
The group encompassed 5 specimens from patients with light chain disease (4 [lambda] and 1 [kappa]), 9 with IgA (3 IgA[kappa] and 6 IgA[lambda] monoclonal paraproteins, 40 with IgG (25 IgG[kappa] and 15 IgG[lambda] monoclonal paraproteins, and 4 with IgM (3 IgM[kappa] and 1 IgM[lambda] monoclonal paraproteins.