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International Myeloma Working Group guidelines for serum-free light chain analysis in multiple myeloma and related disorders.
Interestingly, the light chains in nodular pulmonary amyloidosis are more frequently of [kappa] than of [lambda] type, with a ratio of 3:1, in contrast to the [lambda] predominance noted in most cases of systemic AL amyloidosis.
MS analysis matched IFE almost perfectly both in terms of detecting M-components and identifying the heavy and light chains.
Polyclonal immunoglobulin free light chains as a potential biomarker of immune stimulation and inflammation.
Free Ig light chains interact with sphingomyelin and are found on the surface of myeloma plasma cells in an aggregated form," The Journal of Immunology, vol.
Mead GP, Carr-Smith HD, Drayson MT, et al: Serum free light chains for monitoring multiple myeloma.
Smooth muscle and non muscle myosin are activated, when their regulatory light chains are phosphorylated by myosin light chain kinase coupled with [Ca.
It is characterized by the deposition of monoclonal, amorphous, noncongophilic light chains in multiple organs leading to compromised organ function.
17) These facts led us to measure the concentrations of Ig kappa ([kappa]) and lambda ([lambda]) light chains in sera of patients with JIA (study group) and FMF (disease control group) and in healthy children (healthy control group) in order to compare them with other well-known markers of inflammation to find out if they have any discriminating value in the follow-up of these patients and if they correlate with classical markers of inflammation.
Immunoelectrophoresis showed that all four clones included the same heavy and light chain.
Light chain immunohistochemistry may show some degree of deviation from notmal kappa:lambda light chain tatio.
The mature 2S storage protein from Bertholletia excelsazil (Brazil nut) consists of two small polypeptides, a light chain of 64 amino acids and a heavy chain of 82 amino acids (accession no.