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The Ohio skating club also brought the youngest member to hit the ice, which was enveloped by a light fog caused by yesterday's hot weather.
A smoke machine spread a light fog through the space, reinforcing the feeling that one was experiencing the screening in an old, smoky cinema.
The forecast called for light fog at our land divert more than 90 miles away, and visibility at our location was about one to three miles.
Seven spray patterns, ranging from a light fog to a solid jet, will come out of the nozzle with a touch of the trigger.
It's something like what we'd call on Earth a light fog, something with a visibility of about a mile," said Boris Ragent, one of the principal investigators from the San Jose State University Foundation.
The extinction coefficient of the clear atmosphere at 100 percent relative humidity has to be added to that for the fog droplets; the value for this has more influence on the results for light fog than for heavy fog.
This would enable it to fly at night or in light fog, when the calm air necessary for light is more likely to occur.
Based on infrared technology, Astronics' Max-Viz 600 enhanced vision system improves safety of flight and situational awareness by helping penetrate haze, light fog, smoke and precipitation eight to ten times farther than the unaided human eye can see during day or night.
Relative heat and humidity will persist particularly at coastal regions, with prospected light fog along with scattered clouds as well some rain, expected on Saturday.
19 (BNA): The Meteorological Directorate at the Ministry of Transportation and Telecommunications forecast a humid weather tomorrow Thursday with a chance for the formation of light fog in some areas early, becoming fine during the day.
It said the centre hadwarned of dust on Monday and Tuesday as well as an increase in humidity and the possibility of light fog in the morning.
Formation of light fog is also expected in some regions, especially in the interior and western areas, late at night and early Thursday morning.