light labor

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47) Category 3, light physical labor, included a subcategory of "individualized" light labor, thus essentially producing five distinct classifications.
A prisoner with a "general nutritional disorder (pellagra, acute dystrophy, or malnutrition)" that was subject to treatment would be deemed category 3 light labor, while invalids in category 4 had acute malnutrition and starvation-related diseases that were considered incurable or necessitated months of treatment.
He also cited item 43, which designated as category 3 light labor those whose ailments included "complete immobility or inactivity of the large joints, significantly limited movement of the limbs that is inherent and the result of traumatic injury or chronic illness of the bones, muscles, tendons, joints.
Invalid and light labor categories applied to the most emaciated and debilitated inmate population.
They would be placed in light labor with a 15 percent reduction [skidka] [in their production targets], or in medium labor with the application of a 30 percent reduction, or in special forms of work without any kind of reduction.
The 1949 List of Illnesses collapsed the older categories of heavy, medium, and (to a lesser degree) light labor into a single category 1--"basically fit for physical labor.
The introduction of this practice appears to have been a 1947 MVD order that approved the use of category 3 light labor prisoners in medium labor with a 25 percent reduction in their work quota.
If you're willing to learn some basic facts and put in just a few hours of light labor every summer, you can have a lush lawn.
When I was 14, I went out on jobs and did light labor to help out where I could," Mason recalled.
The four configurations of the RTV900 vehicle include a general purpose model used for light labor with the option of knobby, turf or heavy-duty tires.