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The atmospheric light projections can be seen until 26 December.
Yael Pardess' set is a series of work stations, a board room, a wheelchair ramp Joshua uses and the obligatory skyline light projections (by Jenny Okun) that so many New York-set plays feel it necessary to use.
This slice of the festival is called Glow and will quite literally throw the spotlight on Newcastle's rich heritage by using architectural light projections to illuminate the medieval town walls.
The event on Thursday will open the new Sunderland Aquatic Centre and will feature light projections, pyrotechnics and outdoor theatre.
Eulalia Valldosera's mysterious light projections hinted at hidden spheres of desire.
The event next Thursday, the day before the Aquatic Centre opens to the public, will feature light projections, pyrotechnics and outdoor theatre.
Using the theme Looking to the New World, events cover all age ranges and range from dance workshops, exhibitions and walking tours to debates, concerts, light projections and street performances.
The festival will also see the Winter Gardens transformed into a giant snowdome, light projections at the Bridges Shopping Centre and a massive construction made out of tins cans at the Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens.
Neil Butler, director for UZ, said, "When we began working on `Reveal' as part of the Winter Festival we wanted to ensure that we made great use of the fantastic architecture you have in NewcastleGateshead and I think we've achieved that through Groupe F's creations, and our photographic and light projections.
Light projections will be beamed on to the Bluecoat and the bell tower at the Metropolitan Cathedral from 9.
For the first time we've also got amazing light projections by Andy McKeown on the Metropolitan Cathedral and on the side of St John's Shopping Centre.