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The surface dwelling Labidocera aestiva responded to all wavelength stimuli tested with a higher mean percentage of individuals undergoing a dorsal light reflex than in the dark control (Fig.
For the light reflex, the parameters measured were the latency (time elapsed between the onset of stimulus and onset of response), amplitude (distance between pre-stimulus resting pupil size and the deepest trough of the response), 75% recovery time (time taken from the peak of the response to obtain 75% recovery), and the maximum constriction velocity ([V.
The goal of the study was to determine if the light reflex could be objectively measured during cardiopulmonary resuscitation and whether the quality of the reflex was associated with outcome.
Pupillary light reflex was present in four cases (Spitz 2, Pug 1, Mongrel 1).
Specifically, the globe was evaluated for gross abnormalities, a Schirmer tear test I was performed (Schirmer tear test strips, Intervet Schering, Boxmeer, Netherlands), and ocular reflexes, including palpebral, menace, and direct pupillary light reflex (PLR) were recorded.
States his eyes are hurting because of the bright lights; ears bilaterally symmetrical and equal alignment noted, no ear discharge, tympanic membrane is pink/gray with the light reflex present.
The pars tensa is intact, and there is a good light reflex at the center of the photograph.
The menace and pupillary light reflex revealed negative.
Infrared pupillometry and direct pupillary light reflex measurements were used to evaluate the mydriatic effects.
However, 14 h later, the patient was found drowsy with unequal pupils and a blunt light reflex.