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Reid was overpowered by passengers and crew when he attempted to light the fuse to trigger explosives packed into his shoes.
The statement, "At the next pep rally, I will throw a homemade pipe bomb filled with black powder after I light the fuse," would carry more weight than "An upcoming pep rally may be disrupted by our group carrying some high explosives, like gunpowder.
A few moments later Reid was found to have lit a second match and was apparently attempting to light the fuse in his shoe.
US government officials believe the plan may have failed because he was unable to light the fuse, said Ms Cronin.
Gary MacKay was the last player to light the fuse on one of the great Euro glory nights at Tynecastle.
Another report in the same issue indicates that the cerebral havoc wreaked by this gene may jack up the severity of alcoholism, rather than light the fuse of alcohol abuse.
The numbers confirm our instincts that the market for great songs -- those songs that stay with listeners for a lifetime -- is ready for popular explosion, and we plan to light the fuse.