light upon

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Pakistan's envoy while shedding light upon government measures regarding water resources said that Pakistan is aware of its water problems and needs.
Cojuangco was sent home the next day, and Barretto shared that her daughter is getting treatment via Aivee Light upon the advice of dermatologist Dr.
The Belgian has been linked with both AC Milan and Arsenal, and also with moves to China and Turkey, although he has declined to shine any light upon where he may end up.
Director Marketing Ahmad Butt shed light upon his strategic decision and said: 'We selected Packages Mall for our store launch due to its prime location; the overwhelming turnout at the event reflects our anticipation'.
"He must be able to shed light upon many things that had taken place that day, when the whole tragedy occurred.
The conference shed light upon educational and investigative activities, performance of the centre, budget 2018-19, financial situation, matters that needed urgent attention and other matters regarding education.Dr Iqbal said, "The University of Balochistan has made education its standard and aim.
The sessions will also shed light upon the specific formal and discursive features of subtitling, such as temporal and spatial constraints, timing,condensation, verbal and non-verbal cues, appropriate punctuation, positioning and segmentation.
He shed light upon potential impact and contributions of renewable energy to Visions 2030 and shared best practices from various countries.
The museum mainly aims to shed light upon the history of Marsa Matruh and the strong role it has been playing in Egypt's ancient history.
His output includes a number of books that he has also written which share his concern and aim to shed light upon the lives and experiences of children and animals from other cultures both here and around the world.
Beyond the brothers, their mother, Rose, shines a light upon the roads not taken.
Speaking about art in general and his latest work, Savvidis said "the parallel features of dazzling light upon a dark background separates what seems to be from what is apparent, bringing to mind the theory thought up by Plato, the idea, the cosmic plans forgotten by God.