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In this way their light-footed RE practice lean towards eye to eye correspondence over composed particulars.
Only under heavy acceleration, especially going uphill, does the Cascada labour in any way, but there's still plenty of performance, and a potential 45mpg for light-footed drivers.
Alan comments: "Delamere is a very diverse but also light-footed and innovative business.
An unnamed light-footed thief in Geraldton, Australia, was leading local cops on a merry steeplechase between homes and through backyards when he almost--but not quite--gave 'em the slip.
And on Saturday night the light-footed shop-owner, who even performed the Cha Cha on the show, hit the jackpot when he scooped EUR83,500.
David's 11-2, 11-3, 11-6 success suggested that she is again in the right frame of mind for a major success, having dazzled everyone with her light-footed movement and near-perfect performances during the World Open in Rotterdam in November.
the minds of many Huddersfield schoolchildren, and these pupils an Mullany, decided to join a national 24-hour fast to raise money (tmc090312royds) * LIGHT-FOOTED: Pupils of the Victoria Wade School of Dancing, Almondbury raised pounds 425 for sick and needy children in March, 1988.
The BMW K 1300 S combines sporting character and riding dynamics with light-footed handling and superior performance with everyday practicality.
The Fighter possesses the light-footed dexterity and spontaneity of the most sensitive pugilist, circling its characters with equal parts discretion and confrontational zeal.
And the beauty of it is that you don't have to be particularly light-footed to achieve these results - the car does it for you.
And the beauty of it is that you no not have to be particularly light-footed to achieve these results - the car does it for you.
Holding's light-footed approach to the crease and malevolent pace earned him the nickname "Whispering Death" during 60 Tests for the West Indies, but the Jamaican said his career would have been very different had it begun 35 years later, The Age reports.