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Popularity of such products can be gauged from the fact that over 55% of females in Asia Pacific use skin lightening products.
The Minamata Convention, which the Philippines signed in 2013, has scheduled, among other things, the global phase-out by 2020 of mercury-added cosmetics such as skin lightening creams and soaps with mercury content about one part per million (ppm).
Many skin lightening creams contain toxic chemicals that can cause serious side effects.
In an advisory dated July 5, the FDA said it has yet to approve any injectable products for skin lightening and that FDA Philippines had approved injectable glutathione only 'as an adjunct treatment in cisplatin chemotherapy.'
The creams are used for lightening heavy pigmentation areas such as moles, birthmarks and age spots.
According to the Met Office, thunderstorms may develop in Wales from 7pm on Sunday, bringing lightening and torrential rain.
The iconic lightening charger has been around since 2012 but the screenshot of the new iOS 13 posted on Twitter by Raphael Mouton shows an image of a USB-C cable in place of the lightening connector usually seen on iOS 12.
On Wednesday, two Pakistani herdsmen died because of the lightening but news of their death surfaced on Thursday when a passerby seen their dead bodies.
Skin lightening is popular in many parts of the world, including South Asia and the Middle East.
[USA] July 19 (ANI): The desire for unblemished, clear skin is common in all cultures and societies, making the practice of skin lightening to minimize spots and even a skin tone in demand worldwide.
TEHRAN, June 2 (KUNA) -- Lightening bolts had stricken two Iranian cities killing at least four people and injuring two others, the Iranian emergency agency announced Saturday.
It reads: "We're busting myths as to why lightening your lady parts with natural ingredients may not be working and how you can actually improve it (if that's what you want!)."