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LIGHTERMAN. The owner or manager of a lighter. A lighterman is considered as a common Carrier. See Lighters.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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"There is a shortage of lighters because the importers use each lighter for about 45-50 days, whereas only 15 days is needed to unload the goods." He said that some leading businesses have been using the waiting WTC lighter vessels as floating warehouses, as they (businesses) found it a less expensive means of storing goods.
The accused said 'Sir, the lighter used during the incident is placed on a small table in the bedroom of my house.
He watched a fellow member attempting to light his cigarette with a two-piece lighter that was made in Austria.
Surgeons in China removed a lighter from a man's stomach 20 years after he swallowed.
These panels were then attached to the lighter bodies.
After a quick rundown on how the lighter works, Brainfoo proceeds to test out the do-it-yourself project.
Aston Villa fan Kane Aaron Turner was caught on CCTV throwing a green plastic lighter towards the playing area as a player took a throw-in with his back to the visitors on December 30.
An intoxicated woman heading to Orlando from Anchorage, Alaska, was escorted off the plane Thursday morning in Seattle for using a lighter, ( according to Alaska Airlines and KIRO, a CBS affiliate in Seattle.
An auxiliary personnel lighter, or "berthing barge," houses crewmembers when their ship is in port or drydock undergoing maintenance--which can last months, said Dan Shimooka, NAVSEA's program executive officer for ships and principal assistant program manager of service craft and seaborne targets.
Lighter Capital has created the Lighter Capital AppExchange Fund, a USD25million fund for Salesforce partners building AppExchange apps, the company said.
New Delhi, India, October 03, 2015 --( A cigarette lighter is as a flame producing device that is used to light cigarettes, cigars and pipes and is either disposable or can be refilled.
Blaisdell invented the Zippo in 1933 after watching his golf partner struggle with a clunky lighter, and the Bradford-based company still turns out 70,000 lighters a day.