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It was very dark indeed in the wood, for the lightning was now becoming infrequent, and the hail, which was pouring down in a torrent, fell in columns through the gaps in the heavy foliage.
Near the top I stumbled upon something soft, and, by a flash of lightning, saw between my feet a heap of black broad- cloth and a pair of boots.
The latter, however, continued to ascend, while the lightning described tangents to the convexity of her circumference; but she bore on, right through the midst of the fire.
The lightning went right out over the sea, and lit up the waves and the ships far away.
The lightning quickened, and lit the sitting-room horribly with its lurid glare; the thunder rolled nearer and nearer over the black gulf of the moor.
As it does not appear probable that the tubes are produced by successive distinct shocks, we must believe that the lightning, shortly before entering the ground, divides itself into separate branches.
Pinocchio was greatly afraid of thunder and lightning, but the hunger he felt was far greater than his fear.
Lo, I teach you the Superman: he is that lightning, he is that frenzy
So the three gentlemen walked down to see the Lightning coach come in.
But she could not have seen his face if a flash of lightning had not hidden the stars and revealed it.
A flash of lightning enabled them to observe him walking away quickly.
Drenched with the pelting rain, confused by the deafening thunder, and bewildered by the glare of the forked lightning, they would have passed a solitary house without being aware of its vicinity, had not a man, who was standing at the door, called lustily to them to enter.