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Keywords: Lightning stroke, charge simulation method (CSM), electric railway, overhead feeding system.
On the other hand the weaker accuracy of BISK station is in all probability the result of problems with sensor and/or digital converter (Frantisek Mantlik personal communication) after the lightning stroke.
That night the lightning stroke buried itself in the sand as silent as a snake.
The lightning stroke is worse, of course, but it is a natural electric shock.
The task for the anti-war movement is to build on that natural revulsion in such a powerful way that it cannot be overcome by a lightning stroke of propaganda or a military action like the one in the Persian Gulf.
According to EPRI's Shula, researchers using NLDN information are working on capturing the shape of a lightning stroke, which can presage the weather that follows the strike.
Kleiner JP, Wilkin JH: Cardiac effects of lightning stroke.
5] "IEEE guide for direct lightning stroke shielding of substations", IEEE Std 998-1996 (R2002).
To represent direct lightning stroke to the tower top an ideal current source was adopted.
Sprites appear in the split seconds that follow touchdown of a lightning stroke, but in just a small fraction of cases.
Franklin was struck by the similarity to a tiny lightning stroke and an equally tiny crack of thunder.
Provides real-time central collection of comprehensive waveforms for the generation of complete lightning stroke data feeds that includes time, location, classification and peak current/polarity.