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The testing of the proposed simulator based on the developed lightweight protocol can verify the efficiency of the developed algorithm and such simulator.
A modified lightweight protocol for ad hoc WSN was presented.
Designed from the ground up to take full advantage of these next generation interconnect technologies, DAFS is a lightweight protocol that enables applications to directly access transport resources.
Table 7 depicts the various authentication protocols based on minimalist cryptography in which an ultra lightweight protocol based on one-time authenticators is suggested for mutual authentication between tags and readers.
Cimato, "A Lightweight Protocol for Dynamic RFID Identification," COMPSAC 2008, Turku, pp.
As shown in figure 1, this type of cryptography is broadly classified as: lightweight primitives and lightweight protocols [16].
As a solution the research community proposes lightweight protocols, which represent a trade-off between efficiency and security.
c) Lightweight protocols can support only lightweight pseudorandom number generators and simple functions such as cyclic redundancy check (CRC) but cannot use hash functions.
Manjulata and Adarsh Kumar [27] described the detailed security analysis of lightweight protocols and primitives.

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