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In the long run, both types of candidates, the well-known and the less so, are aiming to promote their likability as an influential factor in determining GOP voters' decisions.
Likability is also a product of how you look and sound as you deliver your message.
They found that baby-facedness was negatively and significantly correlated with competent looks and was positively and significantly correlated with the appearance of likability.
This reaction is irrational because the stock returns were based solely on likability of the commercials" says Kenneth A.
The second and third, both clinical trials, are designed to measure the likability of KP201, as compared to Norco[sup.
Forbes, Nielsen, and E-Poll Market Research's annual likability poll doesn't make a whole lot of sense.
When viewed for 250 milliseconds, all three makeup looks increased ratings of attractiveness, competence, likability and trust compared to the ratings of the same faces without makeup.
The company and its lawyers should assess the likability and credibility of company and plaintiff witnesses, as well as any experts who testify.
LDS Promise seeks to match compatibility with likability while also sifting out the bad seeds.
Celebrities & Companies Rated on Likability, Postability, Lunchability & Readability
Synopsis: Likability is the top characteristic Americans associate with both Barack Obama and Mitt Romney, though Obama does better on it, 81% to 64%.
The odd-couple of a show succeeded because of the likability factor of its stars plus a solid supporting cast, including Mitch Ryan and Susan Sullivan as Greg's parents.