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Pessimists might give positive information revealed by a target less weight in their impression formation (resulting in lower likability ratings on average) because they believe that the causes of positive events are less permanent and not caused by the individual.
In the long run, both types of candidates, the well-known and the less so, are aiming to promote their likability as an influential factor in determining GOP voters' decisions.
People's likability of King Abdullah is evidently present in the snapshots and the texts selected that convey symbolic meanings, representing their heartfelt feelings toward him.
Even in an analytical field like quality control, likability matters.
Rapport--or the ability to build relationships on the fly and over time--plays a role in your likability.
They found that baby-facedness was negatively and significantly correlated with competent looks and was positively and significantly correlated with the appearance of likability.
This reaction is irrational because the stock returns were based solely on likability of the commercials" says Kenneth A.
One inferred that Changtrakul was eager to downplay his works' wry likability.
T-test was used to detect gender differences in professors' teaching practices, competency, and likability.
The ARF Copy Research Validity study suggested that likability is the single best predictor of advertising success (Haley and Baldinger, 1991; Rossiter and Eagleson, 1994).
Lustberg explained that the way one uses the face and body determines likability, and likability is a key element in giving a good presentation.
In contrast, Clinton flunked the press's likability test.