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Aside from having the participants evaluate themselves, the pictures were also rated by 178 members of the public, who were tasked to describe how attractive, likable and self-centered they thought the subjects in the photos were.
The bland but likable enough coming-of-age trifle "Starter for 10" comes made by and for people whose feet tap involuntarily the second they hear the big beat of the Psychedelic Furs' "Love My Way.
Hayate is a likable guy--he's honest, reliable, hardworking and probably not too bright.
In a Mexico City apartment complex, 14-year-old best pals Flama (Daniel Miranda) and Moko (the very likable Diego Catano) spend a typical weekend afternoon playing Xbox games, snacking, and getting up to minor mischief.
Rory and Tucker are a likable couple and her explanation about Woodstock and her first name hooks the audience from the onset.
Hannah is a likable character, a young woman determined to make her mark in the investigative world while trying to deal with the loss of her twin during childhood.
The only completely likable and fleshed-out character is Albrecht.
In spite of this unlikely work-schedule the character is complex and likable, and this first novel is an entertaining page-turner.
While readers may initially find Zaria to be a cold, rigid sistah with a chip on her shoulder, she eventually grows into a more likable character.
Mar Vista, a collaboration with composers Holly Lovecat and Jimmy Johnson, who provide a likable, techno-y score, is a small projected digital animation that takes a romantic seascape as its promising point of departure.
Brisbane's nineteenth-century suburban houses are very likable.
Sociable, likable and witty; Mike Mealey likes to tell the story of his early days as a litigation newsletter publisher.