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Cain, a college football star who got a pro tryout with the Buffalo Bills before an injury cut his gridiron career short, is likable as Superman, which is rather a thankless role anyway, since the Man of Steel spends most of his time hiding who he really is.
Remarkably, the objects of May's unsettlement, while hardly perfect people, are just as relatable and even likable.
Kessler's story and Williams' voice portray Emily as a likable girl who is precocious, demanding, and curious about her origins, the background of her long-absent father, and her charming water self.
It's a likable show featuring an engaging bunch - Corbett exudes a lean, spry cool that's clearly a Herculean effort given his character's woes - but you might be forgiven for wishing the humor was a bit sharper.
The characters are likable, and I especially enjoyed the way Naota adapts to the weirdness around him, until the surreal becomes commonplace.
Essentially a two-hour Bugs Bunny and Daffy Duck cartoon, only without the same rigorous character development, ``Knights'' plays to the strengths of its likable leads - Jackie Chan and Owen Wilson - and has the good sense to keep dispensable things (story, logic) from getting in their way.
Mizuki Ashiya, the 16-year-old heroine of Hana-Kimi, is a likable protagonist--when she wants something, she goes after it.
The acclaimed English actor is talking about the jaunty, carefree senatorial candidate he plays in ``Maid in Manhattan,'' the latest in a long line of lightly likable Hollywood romantic comedies.
Hicks moves this thrilling story along at a satisfying pace and makes Flavia a headstrong but likable girl.
Noteworthy performances: Rue tries awfully hard to be likable but succeeds only because everyone else tries so assiduously to be loathsome.
Like its title character, this is a flawed yet likable novel.
As grim as it sounds, it'll likely have more laughs than the evening's two remaining new sitcoms - ``Less Than Perfect'' (ABC), a you've-seen-it-a-million-times-and-funnier corporate satire starring the likable Sara Rue, and ``Hidden Hills'' (NBC), a suburban comedy too out of touch with reality to be considered horrifically cliched.