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Rory and Tucker are a likable couple and her explanation about Woodstock and her first name hooks the audience from the onset.
Hannah is a likable character, a young woman determined to make her mark in the investigative world while trying to deal with the loss of her twin during childhood.
The only completely likable and fleshed-out character is Albrecht.
While readers may initially find Zaria to be a cold, rigid sistah with a chip on her shoulder, she eventually grows into a more likable character.
Brisbane's nineteenth-century suburban houses are very likable.
Their movements have a likable jazzy syncopation, a bit of relaxed jive.
Sociable, likable and witty; Mike Mealey likes to tell the story of his early days as a litigation newsletter publisher.
Viewers of last night's debate were asked to rate the presidential contenders in seven categories including presentation, command of issues, presidential qualities, cares about normal people, likable, can get things done and quick to pounce on opponents -- with 5 stars being the highest and 1 star being the lowest.
I also like these new works because 1 see them as a healthy prescription: They are likable for reasons art shouldn't be in the age of the dematerialization of the art object.
A ranking of the means of the various communicator style variables supports this conclusion and provides further insight into physician executives' communicator style preferences when influencing subordinates they perceive as likable and dislikable.
Tsongas, on the other hand, appears to be the CEOs' favorite Democrat, scoring best among his party members as honest and likable.
She has ageless beauty and an aura of sophistication but she's also very likable and real, a very rare combination," said Brenda Blonski, senior vice president/group creative director at Burrell.