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Criteria used to measure scientific performance include productivity in written work, recent reports, originality of written work, professional society membership, judgment of actual work output, creativity ratings by high-level supervisors, overall quality ratings by immediate supervisors, likableness as a member of the research team, visibility, recognition for organizational contributions, status-seeking tendencies, current organizational status, and contract-monitoring load (44).
Trainers must know what best motivates different people; understand what skills people have and which they may need; become excellent communicators; and project confidence, honesty, likableness, adaptability and credibility.
The effects of blame attributions and offender likableness on forgiveness and revenge in the workplace.
For example, Cardy and Dobbins (1986) and Dobbins and Russell (1986, Study I) manipulated the likableness of hypothetical ratees by means of describing them with more/less `favorable or desirable' adjectives.
It is because of his personal assets (charm, likableness, ability to spawn loyalty in his underlings) that the president has been able to offset scandals that, for most, would have destroyed their political careers.
H4: Offender likableness is positively related to thoughts of forgiveness and negatively related to thoughts of revenge.
Reagan was renowned for his personal charm and likableness.