like to

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She was beginning to like to be out of doors; she no longer hated the wind, but enjoyed it.
Anne dear, would you like to have me sleep with you tonight?
I like to think about them afterward, if they are real and not too preachy," said Jo, after a minute's silence.
if it wasn't mesilf thin that was mad as a Kilkenny cat I shud like to be tould who it was!
It is very easy for you to joke, but how would you like to wear a blinder like that for weeks and weeks, sir?
I should like to see any that were too good for you.
I hope it will not make me proud and stuck-up - I should not like to be that.
You've brought less o' late; but young fellows like to have their own way with their money.
That last fit of coughing has tired me a little; I feel as if I could sleep: but don't leave me, Jane; I like to have you near me.
How's she to get a likin' for him, I'd like to know?
With a shyness which she felt with women and not with men she did not like to explain simply what these are.
Sir James had no idea that he should ever like to put down the predominance of this handsome girl, in whose cleverness he delighted.