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The like-minded group comprised Sajid Turi, Bismillah Khan, Bilal Rehman, Shah G.
I will work with the Congress President and other colleagues in discussions with like-minded parties to ensure the BJP is defeated in the next election and India is restored to a democratic, inclusive, secular, tolerant and economically progressive path," she said.
Our social network is place for like-minded people to communicate and help each other down the spiritual path.
An important meeting of the PML- Like-Minded would be held on April 28, in Islamabad, which would be attended by the top leadership of the party.
DUBAI - In a quiet corner of Al Quoz in Duabi on Friday, a group of like-minded people were talking about their favourite pastime: motorbikes.
It's for all the women who would like to network and learn, share experiences, give advice and grow with like-minded women while indulging in a little bit of pampering like getting a manicure.
The 51-year-old enjoyed good cuisine and wine at restaurants in the North East but she struggled to find like-minded dining companions to join her.
For now, that like-minded community is represented by the World Future Society.
As I settle in to the editorship, I invite you to explore this new issue of the Humanist and all its changes--notably to the Up Front section where we feature various research results of interest; quotes from notable humanists, freethinkers, and other like-minded luminaries; and also take you back with classic twenty-five and fifty-year-old Humanist musings.
Our executives are like-minded and embrace [the artists'] gay identity as part of who they are.