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Judging by the feedback from our audience, the summit was a success and whilst the challenges for the region were examined, the strength of character, expertise and like-mindedness in thinking to achieve success for the region was heartening and needs to be progressed.
As Kingston explains, this like-mindedness does not mean that citizens share the same opinions about everything, nor does It mean the suspension of conflict, but it does mean that they share in a scheme of justice to which they assent.
This like-mindedness between the two societies made it very natural for
Both companies are family owned and founded in 1978, and both share a like-mindedness, he says.
My husband and I visited the state's homeschool convention and felt immediate like-mindedness with hundreds of other parents.
Ultimately, people give more in those environments in which they truly enjoy working with others of like-mindedness.
In the market for values, like-mindedness is a precondition to contracting.
Rather than being members of a group that moved with an odd like-mindedness, they were men and women with interests, beliefs, and motivations that were often at odds with those of their peers.
Additionally, we can question whether like-mindedness is enough of a connection between members of a group to hold the entire group responsible for the conduct of particular individuals within it.
The difficulty lies in demarcating the fine line between political like-mindedness and political opportunism," he said.
The path is inevitable, even if it brings with it risks in diluting the like-mindedness of the group and its internal efficiency.
The differences, on the other hand, are striking, and it seems inevitable to conclude that, no matter what the Pre-Raphaelites thought and said they were trying to accomplish together, their art shows very few traces of fraternal like-mindedness.