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This march is the result of a like-mindedness, which transcends status, political preference and religious belief, and allows everyone to contribute to the ending of this moral blind spot that has dominated our society for decades.
Both companies are family owned and founded in 1978, and both share a like-mindedness, he says.
My husband and I visited the state's homeschool convention and felt immediate like-mindedness with hundreds of other parents.
That revolutionary like-mindedness went deep enough that the proponents of independence were prepared to support it with active friendship: "we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes, and our sacred Honor.
Ultimately, people give more in those environments in which they truly enjoy working with others of like-mindedness.
In the market for values, like-mindedness is a precondition to contracting.
Rather than being members of a group that moved with an odd like-mindedness, they were men and women with interests, beliefs, and motivations that were often at odds with those of their peers.
Additionally, we can question whether like-mindedness is enough of a connection between members of a group to hold the entire group responsible for the conduct of particular individuals within it.
So to assume that the presence of like-mindedness or "similarity" or say "steadiness" in the field of higher education has the potential to decrease the amount of stress and to increase the productivity or outcome (successful policies, objective assessments, scholars, research, utility etc.
The difficulty lies in demarcating the fine line between political like-mindedness and political opportunism," he said.
The path is inevitable, even if it brings with it risks in diluting the like-mindedness of the group and its internal efficiency.