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She told the Radio Times: "Actually, I want to play people who are less about being likeable, more about being credible.
Patrick was a very likeable young man, popular with both peers and teachers Shaun McInerney, headteacher of The Studio
Our mission at Likeable Local is to build a fantastic tool that allows business owners to do just that, so I'm thrilled that Likeable Local has partnered with the Social Tools Summit to pave the way for innovation together,” said Dave Kerpen.
3 per cent deemed the employee "extremely likeable.
Below is the list of most likeable women in Hollywood according iHeartRadio (http://www.
To celebrate the launch, and prove that it can lower the costs that brands are currently spending on social ads, Likeable Media is offering brands a free ad trial.
The women in the pictures were rated significantly less likeable when they made "fat talk" statements about their bodies, whether or not they were overweight.
Dave Kerpen, CEO of Likeable Media, a social media and word-of-mouth marketing firm based in New York City, seeks to help companies achieve just that in his book Likeable Social Media.
Kerpen, who heads a marketing firm that handles social media for many companies, enumerates 11 elements business leaders at small, medium, and large companies, as well as students, marketers, salespeople, and leaders in government and nonprofit organizations, can use to create a likeable company: listening, storytelling, authenticity, transparency, team playing, responsiveness, adaptability, passion, surprise and delight, simplicity, and gratefulness.
She said: "I'm not attracted to characters who are instantly likeable, nor am I that interested in making them likeable.
Only ten per cent regarded current PM David Cameron the most capable and 17 per cent the most likeable.
T Gwyn Jones, director of housing and social services at Isle of Anglesey County Council, said: "Our staff will remember him as a popular and very likeable character who was always full of life.