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I have watched 35 or more musicals and read lots of books about screen-writing," he offers, before ending on a likeably honest note.
Jack was effortlessly and likeably cool, proving white Brits can rap well.
The MC with a firm grip on the rudder was Maghull's likeably irreverent Sam Avery who immediately picked on the ebullient Reggie, from Netherley, to be his cheer leader to whip up fellow audience members.
HHHAROLD AND KUMAR GET THE MUNCHIES Cert 15, 87 mins Danny Leiner directed 2001's likeably dumb teen comedy Dude, Where's My Car?
Ice-T is likeably tough in his dead-pan delivery, the perfect foil for Snipes' over- the-top, scenery-chewing turn (1991)***
A team of highly-trained professionals have pledged to transform her from the likeably laid-back lass we all know into a fierce, ass-kicking action heroine - and Anna is trembling in her jumpsuit.
Time-travelling teens Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter, likeably uncool, led the way for a new school of intentionally gormless comedy, from the likes of Mike Myers and Wayne's World to Dude, Where's My Car?
The latest revival even has a West End veteran (Dave Willetts) and a bright new female star - the likeably perky Helena Blackman - in the central roles.
JOSIE LONG Sherman Cymru, Cardiff Tel: 029 2064 6900 THE likeably daft do-gooding young lady of comedy sold out her shows at Edinburgh Festival and you'll see why here.
The likeably lairy Leicester lads return with the second single from storming album Empire and it's another cracker.
Badham went from likeably shy to loveably incandescent.