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15PM Likeably uncool, timetravel teens Keanu Reeves and Alex Winter led the way for a whole new school of intentionally gormless comedy, ranging from Wayne's World to Dude, Where's My Car?
He's got a likeably ramshackle charm and is simply naturally funny - always a plus for a comedian, we find.
Both deploy ensemble casts selected from across class and generational lines and both stories are told from the perspective of likeably lovelorn and lonely central characters (both played by Khaled Abu Naga, the film's co-producer).
I have watched 35 or more musicals and read lots of books about screen-writing," he offers, before ending on a likeably honest note.
It's 1946, and intrepid archaeologist Rick O'Connell (Brendan Fraser - a likeable actor who's spent the last ten years likeably treading water) is coming out of retirement with his wife Evelyn (she used to be played by Rachel Weisz, who's wisely decided not to return, so she's turned into Maria Bello) to deliver a jewel called The Eye of Shangri-La to the Chinese government in Shanghai (yep, not content with being a second-rate imitation of Indiana Jones, it uses the second Indy film's era and location).
Jack was effortlessly and likeably cool, proving white Brits can rap well.
The MC with a firm grip on the rudder was Maghull's likeably irreverent Sam Avery who immediately picked on the ebullient Reggie, from Netherley, to be his cheer leader to whip up fellow audience members.
Black is in likeably low-key mode (for contrast, see him in the current "Tenacious D in the Pick of Destiny"), though the role, with its occasional mad flights into musical improv, feels a tad overstretched to accommodate his unique talents.
HHHAROLD AND KUMAR GET THE MUNCHIES Cert 15, 87 mins Danny Leiner directed 2001's likeably dumb teen comedy Dude, Where's My Car?
She's one of those likeably horrible characters, isn't she?
Ice-T is likeably tough in his dead-pan delivery, the perfect foil for Snipes' over- the-top, scenery-chewing turn (1991)***
A team of highly-trained professionals have pledged to transform her from the likeably laid-back lass we all know into a fierce, ass-kicking action heroine - and Anna is trembling in her jumpsuit.