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They got on capitally now, for Tom was in his proper sphere, and showed his best side, being civil and gay in the bluff boy-fashion that was natural to him; while Polly forgot to be shy, and liked this sort of "toughening" much better than the other.
Nothing but coast," he said, gruffly, for papa was always lecturing him, and letting the girls do just as they liked.
Yes, I did, and liked it ever so much," answered Polly, looking anxious but resolute.
Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah liked curry and rice served on his dining table.
With the world increasingly looking online for reactions, moments and a gauge for public opinion, the list of most liked posts makes for interesting reading.
People that already have liked you will have a gold heart icon right beside their name.
The Denby Dale Tory's social media account liked the controversial former English Defence League founder's posts nine times in the past month alone.
At low concentrations, citral was the most liked and methyl cinnamate was the least liked among the young adults.
In deciding whether to click that they liked a photo, the teenagers were highly influenced by the number of likes the photo had.
Most liked & most talked about Arabic artist #Fb .
at least in the battle to be the most liked snap on Instagram.
But their efforts are swamped by the most liked Instagram picture, left, showing Kim Kardashian kissing Kanye West on their wedding day, which got two million likes.