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is a maximum likelihood estimation of [theta], the maximum likelihood estimation of [alpha] = g([theta]) will be [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] and function gis no need to be a mapping.
Because likelihood of confusion is often the key to a trademark infringement claim, preclusion would render trademark infringement actions pro forma, Hargis argues.
After the pre-test probability is established, the next step in formal risk assessment is selection of appropriate tests and application of likelihood ratios (LR).
If you're a Hispanic woman, the likelihood is 80 percent.
Likelihood to use EAPs was assigned as the dependent variable in this study because of the voluntary and self-referral nature of EAPs.
1998), included as an example a situation in which a company's independent auditors request a memorandum prepared by the company's in-house counsel estimating the company's likelihood of success in litigation and an accompanying analysis of the company's legal strategy to assist it in estimating what to reserve for potential losses in litigation.
When the people who must alter their behavior are supported in making these changes by your organization's culture, systems and structures, it improves the likelihood of change implementation success.
The weight of DNA evidence is usually measured by the likelihood ratio, which is a ratio of two probabilities like P (Evidence|H).
Are they working in the evening where there is an increased likelihood of contact?
Black cohosh didn't affect the animals' likelihood of developing breast cancer or how quickly tumors arose, but after 14 months, animals that had received the extract were 2.
The likelihood of a goal being scored goes up with each minute that passes.