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117 Illustration 51 Apple's mobile fingerprint authentication patent 118 Illustration 52 BYOD other authenticators shipments, 2012-2018 120 Illustration 53 Total cost of ownership of BYOD authentication form factors 121 Illustration 54 BYOD authentication form factors adoption likeliness 122 Illustration 55 BYOD authentication solutions market value, 2012-2018 122 Illustration 56 Smart authentication solution providers 141
The likeliness they have left Tunisia through the south-eastern border to join armed terrorist groups in Libya has not yet been confirmed," according to the same source.
Very few nurses have salaries of PS35,000 or more, meaning the likeliness of overseas nurses earning above this pay cap is extremely slim.
We can watch the other group game (Italy v Portugal) and see what emerges from that but in the end in all likeliness we will need to beat Italy.
The study found that there was no increased risk of overall cancer, but cellphone use was linked to patients having a 40% increased likeliness of developing Glioma, a common type of brain cancer.
Those two factors, attendance in the late elementary school years and math proficiency in middle school or junior high, have a huge influence on a student's likeliness to graduate from high school in four years.
Genetics is also another factor that could impact the likeliness of getting the disease.
It helps to examine likeliness for water flooding to occur in an oil field.
The 5-stage brake light displays a vehicle's rate of deceleration in a simple and intuitive way, which has been scientifically proven to reduce the likeliness of unintentional blindness, helping to keep drivers and their vehicles safe.
Additionally, the source also revealed that the next generation Nexus smartphone will feature the likeliness of LG G3's 5.
The cloud-based Customer Journey Optimization solution, based on the NICE Customer Engagement Analytics platform, uses predictive and real-time analytics as well as patented machine learning technologies to identify customer behavior patterns and help determine customers next move, likeliness to churn, or interest in a particular product or offer.
To do radiology-pathology correlation you have to do manually and with the amount of studies you have to read, it makes the likeliness of doing radiology-pathology correlation slim to none.