likely client

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This role can take a few different forms, but the most common seems to be either an internally focused role performing competitive analysis as a result of increased market pressures or a more externally focused role providing ongoing intelligence about future work, and likely client spend, as a result of increasingly business-savvy clients.
As it also happens, the most likely client for a political philosopher on the make is a ruler.
We [his firm] concluded that if 99-1 stands, we will have a policy of not serving on boards where there is likely client participation, or we will limit what boards associates can serve on.
The ability of this company to make necessary investments in its business and return capital to shareholders through dividends and stock repurchases would be further hindered by likely client defections.
Additionally, as one of the most leveraged public companies in healthcare services, a combined Express Scripts/Caremark would have diminished financial flexibility that would impact the company's ability to invest in the business and pursue other strategic opportunities, particularly in the event of likely client defections.
BTI evaluated how often firms were tapped as a company's go-to counsel and how likely clients were to recommend those firms - unprompted - to their counterparts and colleagues.
The more challenging the legal environment, the more likely clients will do anything to get the best independent legal advice they can get".
Government agencies from the Department of Transportation & Public Works and Prepa are also likely clients because of the need to clear land areas for highway projects or to trim trees around power lines.
They're the cheapest form of direct mail, but their lack of an envelope makes their message immediately obvious, attracting the attention of your most likely clients.
The clients drawn to a Vallarta are not likely clients to patronize existing businesses,'' said Josy Block, who voiced hopes for a high-end market.