likely to harm

See: dangerous
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Children's susceptibility to commercial influence means that use of their personal information for direct marketing unfairly manipulates them, and is likely to harm them in other ways," it added.
There is no evidence to suggest that people with schizophrenia are any more or less likely to harm others than anyone else in society.
Not easy to control, a residual contact insecticide sprayed during the adults' flight period does help although this is just as likely to harm bees and other desirable insects visiting flowers.
Millions analysed the choices and voted for those most likely to harm Blair while keeping Count Howard and his flock of Tory vampires at bay.
And youngsters are encouraged to learn different ways of dealing with their feelings in an attempt to make them less likely to harm themselves or others and stay out of trouble.
Children who were frequently punished were also more likely to harm themselves - 2.
But any drugs scandal is likely to harm UK Athletics' bid to bring new sponsors into the sport.
Our examination of Ofwat s econometric modelling, and its wider use of comparisons, indicates that the merger is not likely to harm Ofwat s ability to set appropriately demanding targets for the benefit of customers, given the number of different companies that will remain.
The Minister stressed the need to avoid any conduct likely to harm the physical or moral integrity of prisoners and guarantees which detainees are entitled to.
Melbourne, Sep 28 (ANI): Next time you plan to buy a high-tech toy for your kid, think again-as they are likely to harm them.
Until then I am satisfied that papers relating to this issue should be withheld under section 35 of the Freedom of Information Act 2000 as releasing them at this stage would be likely to harm the Assembly Government's ability to formulate policy in this area in the planned way.
THERE were 135 drug errors a week at a single UK hospital and a quarter were "potentially serious" and likely to harm patients, a study disclosed today.