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The ancient languages, with great beauty of structure, contain wonderful remains of genius, which draw, and always will draw, certain likeminded men,-- Greek men, and Roman men,--in all countries, to their study; but by a wonderful drowsiness of usage they had exacted the study of all men.
Haider Abbas Rizvi said that a specific group of likeminded people is being targeted.
PESHAWAR -- Local leader of Jamaat-e-Islami said Saturday that his party would make alliance with likeminded parties for upcoming local government elections at district level and they are all set for elections.
By attending a community learning programme your father would not only benefit from stimulating his mind and learning new things, but also from meeting likeminded people.
The group, along with other likeminded organizations, worked with a California State Senator who had introduced legislation that requires cosmetics companies to report the use of any potentially hazardous ingredients to the California State Department of Health Services.
We can add Mayor James West and all the other names that Kuhr mentions to that odious list of likeminded people such as Terry Dolan (who invented PACs) and Roy Cohn (Sen.
It is my hope that the Anglican church in the Province of the West Indies and other likeminded Anglican provinces will disassociate themselves Prom decisions made particularly by the Episcopal Church of the United States to ordain an openly practising gay man.
It is cultural conformity--ideas and beliefs accepted individually, then shared by a group of likeminded individuals--that creates material culture.
KARACHI -- The Pakistan Muslim League Likeminded (PML-Likeminded) leader Arbab Ghulam Rahim has opposed the appointment of the newly inducted opposition Leader in Sindh Assembly, Nusrat Sehar Abbasi.
Speaking at the press conference where the agreement was announced, Humayun Akhtar, general secretary of the Likeminded group, briefed the media on the number of seats allotted to the party.
The homeland is like the mother and likeminded requests the rulers no to adopt such behaviour with her, for which they feel shame.