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That popular Western culture is today spreading around the world creates a commonality of sorts, but it is a fragile, very questionable likemindedness.
There was a synergy and likemindedness between all the parties involved," Katz said, adding that Deerwood has worked both with Citigroup and Redwood in the past.
Also striking is the degree to which friendship and the pleasures of likemindedness are serious and meticulously rendered subjects in Hay's fiction.
What is difficult either to deny or to quantify is that, especially at the more prestigious colleges and universities, the social climate fosters a strong presumption of liberal likemindedness and a marginalization of dissent.
Harmony, unity, likemindedness, accord, however you define it, it expresses the determination of any fight against adversity.
6) Kalasiris' modus operandi in these scenes is familiar and only to be expected, particularly of an Egyptian, (7) although we should note that Charikleia is not taken in by Kalasiris in the exorcism scene, which appears to establish a likemindedness between them.
Indeed, the view would be implausible if it required likemindedness, for example, among bioethicists on every bioethical issue.
Musharaff and the secretary at a joint press conference after their meeting, reflected likemindedness and understanding of each other's concerns.
Britain and Australia (and America for that matter) were "brother countries" with different levels of social, military and economic strength but with an instinctive likemindedness in their response to the problems of the world and with their own distinctive contribution to make to the common culture.
British likemindedness is still a frequent asset in the conduct of Canada's multilateral diplomacy, particularly on security issues (as is, most notably on human security questions, our common ground with Norway).