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Javon Marshall filed a class action lawsuit against ESPN, various other broadcasting companies and networks, several NCAA Division I athletics conferences, and the conferences' media rights holders claiming the defendants unfairly profited from the use of student-athletes' names, images, and likenesses in football and basketball game broadcasts.
The 9th Circuit ruled that EA's argument that its use of player likenesses was incidental, and thus protected by the First Amendment, was not likely to prevail.
162) As such, Judge Thomas characterized the athletes' likenesses in "NCAA Football" as merely one of the raw materials upon which the game was synthesized, rather than the sum and substance of the game.
While the specific statutes are different, the two suits make the same complaint, that the consent of the guardians of minors is required for Facebook to use their likenesses in advertising.
Importantly, by being likened, the eidos is distributed, in some way or other, to the many Thus, any account of what a Form is will need to allow for the resemblance between it and its likenesses, the idonyms.
Distorted Hollywood likenesses included Sean Connery, Johnny Depp, Daryl Hannah, as well as Posh and Becks.
The fact that this image is in all likelihood the earliest surviving autonomous portrait of a woman in Italian art, that it reveals a great deal about the desired demeanor and appearance of the Italian princess and her gendered role within the culture, that the portrait's forms and conventions differ greatly from those of mid-century Florentine female likenesses, would seem to be of far greater significance than the question of which specific princess is represented.
Mr Kennedy's model will join likenesses of Prime Minister Mr Tony Blair and Conservative Party Leader Mr William Hague in the Grand Hall of the popular tourist attraction in Marylebone Road, Central London.
After exhibiting a disquieting series of photo-based "funeral" paintings at Documenta V, in 1972, Hucleux received a commission to paint the faces of fame: Picasso, Beckett, Warhol, and Beuys are among the large-scale likenesses that turned their maker into the nation's official portraitist par excellence.
Sandved also maintains an extensive library of such whimsical likenesses as a "scaredy cat" in a caterpillar-eaten leaf, and a pair of dancers in the accidental juxtaposition of orchids.
Three first ladies' likenesses are also on view: Eleanor Roosevelt, whose portrait is carved opposite her husband on the bowl of a pipe; Mamie Eisenhower, wearing her inaugural gown, rendered in porcelain; and Barbara Bush, dressed as Mrs.
2) However, the verbal similarities between the two passages are not, in fact, close, and their thought, moreover, seems significantly different: where Lovelace is commenting on |Pincture's' capacity to body forth mental conceptions in physical form, Dryden is emphasizing Kneller's capacity to paint likenesses which are so vivid that the personages depicted on his canvases seem to be living, breathing, and thinking; Kneller can, as we might say, produce |speaking likenesses' of his subjects.