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Please, don't disrespect the will and legitimate concerns of millions across the Arab world by likening them to bored, greedy teenagers.
She is alleged to have "cruelly and unnaturally" treated Robert Wilson or committed a breach of the peace last month by putting oversize teeth in his mouth, laughing at him and likening him to Red Rum.
With its predominant use of anarchists' favorite color, a militaristic-sounding title, "Theater of Operations," and the prominence of motifs such as a flag and an eagle, one could be forgiven for likening Francois's show to those of younger European artists like Marc Bijl, Gardar Eide Einarsson, or Jakob Kolding, all of whom channel capital-P politics into their art.
The duality is therefore not only one of permeability, or of solid and void (with the architects likening the form to a pair of uneven parallel bars), but also one of controlled views, framing the sky above the street and giving a low level panorama of the garden; a view cone that incidentally and rather cunningly maintains views of the grandparents' home while giving privacy from big brother above.
After likening gun owners to survivalists and David Koresh, Wendy Kaminer concludes that civilian armed resistance to a modern state is doomed to failure.