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She is alleged to have "cruelly and unnaturally" treated Robert Wilson or committed a breach of the peace last month by putting oversize teeth in his mouth, laughing at him and likening him to Red Rum.
But, wisely, he is not likening himself to the great Pontypridd-born entertainer for his vocal prowess and stage presence.
Likening the taxpayer's situation to Magruder, the Service found that producing and delivering the editorial pages to prepaid subscribers was a cost of acquiring the property, as the seller was transferring its liability to subscribers to the purchaser.
Justice Stephen Breyer, likening the Internet in part to a party-line telephone, asked Waxman if a similar law might bar teen-agers from discussing sexual experiences, ``real or imagined'' with one another on such a line.
When Pendleton made his notorious remark likening affirmative action to a "plantation," he was, swoons Detlefsen, "acting on his belief that as a prerequisite to persuading ordinary blacks to abandon the politics of racial preference, he would first need to discredit the icons in whom that idea was embodied.
They have used these to drive specific vibrations in a crystal lattice, likening the process to "repetitively pushing a child on a swing" so that the child swings higher and higher.