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Particularly the correlations of Interest with the Liking dimensions and with Understandability and Locus of Control are quite high; this is in agreement with hypothesis 2.
By simple physical contact with his constituents, he may be able to build liking.
Liking is also examined in relation to other measures (often called "diagnostics") that are used either to assess commercial performance in relation to specific objectives, or to understand its performance on the recall and persuasion measures.
To sum up this observation, registering both liking and the degree of interest in both pre- and post-testing produces highly useful indicators concerning the creative efforts (and of course about the product or service itself that is being advertised).
For each sample, they rated aroma intensity and overall liking using 15-cm line scales.
Brandtzaeg said that despite the controversy about slacktivism, many Facebook users in this sample believed that 'liking' a humanitarian cause could make a difference and this was strengthened by the fact that socially responsible 'liking' was the most common motivation and for the perceived motivation for liking a humanitarian cause.
But liking pages such as Desperate Housewives or the musical Wicked correctly tipped off the researchers to male users' homosexuality 88 percent of the time.
But it turns out that liking rapper Nicki Minaj and enjoying cuddling also hint at a leftward political slant.
Liking is defined accordingly by the Jurists and they have laid out the conditions and situation where it is to be practiced.
com offers more convenience for users by giving their sites and pages first priority placement in gaining Likes through purchasing coins in lieu of earning free coins by liking sites to gain them.
Regardless of liking him I refused to go behind his girlfriend's back because it's mean.